Getting metric data from your applications into MetricBoard is easy with Zapier. It let's you take an existing application (or even e-mail) as an input and push, realtime, metrics into MetricBoard.

For example: read new rows from a Google Docs spreadsheet and display the result in an interactive dashboard.

This way you can create an interactive dashboard from almost any kind of data. It is really powerful tool!

How to use Zapier with MetricBoard

Step 1 Create a new zap

Register a free Zapier account if you do not have an account yet.

Now click on Make a zap!

Next you need to select a trigger app. The trigger retrieves data from one of your existing applications.

For this example we use a Google Spreadsheet, just type Google Sheets in the searchbox and select the icon.

Step 2 Setup the trigger

Next we choose when data should be sent from Google Sheets to Metricboard.

Let's select New Spreadsheet Row

In the next step you can authenticate with Google Drive and select a spreadsheet.

Proceed to the Test Google Sheets step and then choose Fetch & Continue. If the test succeeds you should see something like:

Then your trigger is all setup and you can continue to the next step.

Step 3 Choose an Action App

Now we need to connect the incoming data from our spreadsheet to an outgoing action which will send it to MetricBoard.

Since MetricBoard uses a fairly standard API you can use the standard Webhooks by Zapier action for this. Just search for Webhook

After you select the action you can select which type of request you want to make. Select POST

Step 4 Connect to a MetricBoard feed

The final step is to connect one or more spreadsheet columns to a MetricBoard feed.

You now should see a screen with multiple inputs, you can fill in: (be carefull not to forget a field!)

  • URL:
  • Payload Type: JSON
  • Wrap Request In Array: Yes
  • Wrap Request In Array: Yes

Add to the Headers list key apikey, the value should be your feed APIKEY

Finally you can select which columns you want to send from the spreadsheet to Metricboard. You can add them under the Data item. In the first field type a metric name for the metricboard side. In the second field you can select the source for the metric.

That's it! In the next setup you can verify if your Zapier integration works. From now on new rows from your spreadsheet (or any application) will be automatically be send to MetricBoard, where you can create a dashboard from the data.

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