Integrations: CSV

Need to get some metric data into MetricBoard quickly? Or do you want to offer an interactive dashboard based on existing data?

Good old trusty CSV will let you import data from any spreadsheets or other application into a MetricBoard feed quite easily!

How to use CSV upload

Getting data via CSV import is quite easy. In MetricBoard data is kept in so called "Feeds". A dashboard and monitors can then be connected to a feed for displaying and alerting when new data arrives.

Step 1: Start the CSV importer

Click on the account tab and then click Import CSV file.

Next you can create a new feed or use an existing feed. The latter is handy if you want to add new data to an existing dataset.

Step 2: Upload CSV data

Now you can select the CSV file to upload. It is important to mind the column format (espescially date formating) so Metricboard can correctly import.

Have a look at the Example CSV file to have a good starting point.

Step 3: Done!

If the import succeeds you should see the number of metrics and total datapoints in the feed correspond your CSV file.

Now you can visualize the data. Just click the Dashboards menu item, create a new dashboard and select the feed you just uploaded your CSV into.

Tip: Use the embed or e-mail button to share a dashboard on your website or with a group of people. You can then later upload new CSV data and automatically update the dashboard.