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Never lose a good idea again and keep track of your blogging with this handy planner.

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Helps you with consistent blogging by organizing your ideas for new posts, setting up a good posting schedule and keeping track of research for subjects and bookmarks.

Start by adding ideas you have for posts as new articles in the idea phase. Next add bookmarks and snippets that can help you research & write the article content.

The article cards help you keep track of which post is in which phase and what you can do next. From idea stage to published stage!


  • Planner
    Use the planner to schedule your articles so you have a nice and constant content flow.
  • Articles
    Overview of your article status: what are ideas in the pipe-line, which articles are in progress and which can be published.
  • Working on
    This is your main view: what are you currently working on?

With cards:

  • Article
  • Bookmark