Maintain overview, prioritize & work with your projects visually using drag & drop.

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Helps you keep track of project sprints, goals & tasks in a visual way.

Use the Kanban-like swimlane view to first prioritize the work. Then switch to another swimlane view to start work and keep track of progress.

You can easily modify extend this project management system to fit your needs, for example to integrate with other business process.


  • Goals on status
    Overview of the status of the goals: what are we working on, what is next and what is complete.
  • Active sprints
    What are the sprints we are currently working on?
  • Sprints
  • Tasks on status
    Goals are separated in smaller tasks. This view shows you the status of the individual tasks. Tasks are also assigned to team members here.
  • My tasks
    This is the place where you see your assigned tasks and start work on them.

With cards:

  • Goal
  • Task
  • Sprint
  • Worklog
  • Epic